Enamel Pin Club 

Naytendo's Adoption Center is a monthly pin club that offers exclusive pin designs to Patreon members. Designs in the pin club will be extremely limited and will not come back when they are sold out.

The Adoption Center will feature adoptable video game monsters. Patrons will be able to vote and suggest the next pin design! 

May 2023 Design

You can sign up any time before May 30th to receive this reward!

*You are charged when you sign up & every 1st of the month thereafter*



To join the Patreon just select a tier of your choice! Early Bird Tiers are limited but you can always join if someone else drops!

You will be charged when you join the pin club, make sure you are joining for the design you want! i.e. if you want the next design, you will need to wait until the 1st of the next month. 

Otherwise, if you have a recurring membership, you will be charged on the 1st of every month.

Secret Shop passwords will be sent after the 1st, during the first week! You will be able to access previous designs and exclusive deals. 

Discount codes will also be sent along with the secret shop password, to redeem your discount in person, simply just show us your membership!

You may leave, join or switch tiers on Patreon at any time. 

Shipping times may vary due to delays with the manufacture but you will receive your reward regardless of the month, i.e. if the pin runs a month late, you will still get the reward when they arrive!

Can I purchase the pin outside of Patreon?

Only in the wild! Either through an authorized retailer or at conventions.

How many pins will be made?

I will only be making 200 of each design! This may increase if we get more members.

Can I combine my shipping?

Yes! Please let me know your order number by either email ( or Patreon DM.


Pin Examples